Upcoming Pow Wows for March 2-4

by Feb 20, 2018Happenings


Note: This list of pow wows was compiled by One Feather staff. The One Feather does not endorse any of these dances. It is simply a listing of ones occurring throughout the continent. Please call before traveling.


31st Annual Carolina Indian Circle Pow Wow.  March 3 at 101 Student Recreation Center in Chapel Hill, NC.  MC: J.D. Moore.  Host Drum: Stoney Creek.  Info: Elena Jacobs-Polanco (336) 445-1384, Ryan Dial-Stanley (336) 486-3847, CICpowwow@hotmail.com


Apache Gold Casino Intertribal Pow Wow.  March 3-4 at San Carlos Event Center in San Carlos, Ariz.  MC: Gabriel Ayala.  Host Northern Drum: War Paint.  Host Southern Drum: Oklahoma Poorboys.  Info: Tanya Robertson (928) 475-7800, tanyarobertson@agcr.us


Madison NAPC Social Pow Wow. March 3 at Madison Park Middle School in Phoenix, Ariz.  MC: Chris Dinehdeal.  Host Northern Drum: Wild Medicine.  Head Southern Singer: Paul Stewart.  Info: Jocelyn Manheimer (602) 456-0773, NativeAmericanParentComm@gmail.com


UT-Arlington 23rd Annual Pow Wow.  March 3 at UTA University Center Bluebonnet Ballroom in Arlington, Texas.  MC: Larry Liles.  Host Drum: Southern Boyz. Info: Les Riding In powwow@uta.edu, visit www.uta.edu/NASA


Dobson High School Social Pow Wow.  March 3 at Dobson High School in Mesa, Ariz.  MC: Erny Zah.  Head Southern Singer: Jeremy Bear.  Info: Kim Klett (380) 371-3112, klklett@mpsaz.org


Heritage High School Traditional Pow Wow.  March 3 at Heritage High School in Vancouver, Wash.  MC: Bob Tom.  Host Drum: Four Directions.  Info: David Jollie (360) 601-3764, chippewachief@msn.com


Leonard Cozad Sr. Day Celebration.  March 4 at Red Buffalo Hall in Carnegie, Okla.  MC: Vernon “Cy” Ahtone.  Head Southern Singer: Jimmy Kimble.  Guest Drum: Black Lodge.  Info: No contact information provided by committee