Cherokee Fitness Complex renovations complete, pool open again

by Jan 31, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: The pool at the Cherokee Fitness Complex is full and open again after undergoing some minor renovations. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather photos)





The Cherokee Fitness Complex underwent renovations this past summer and fall, and those upgrades are now complete.  The main areas of improvement included a replacement of the old Trane ventilation system, replacement of the basketball court surface, renovation of shower areas, and the draining and pressure washing of the pool.

COLORS: A large portion of the Complex, including the walls of the basketball court area, has been painted red and black which correspond to the Complex’s new logo.

“I’m glad the renovations are complete finally,” said Damian Solis, Cherokee Fitness Complex manager.  “It kind of slowed things down there for awhile.  I think it’s a good change and a positive change for the facility and our customers.  We’re looking forward now to moving forward.”

He said the pool is now open and the Complex will resume pool classes on Monday, Feb. 5.  James Bradley, EBCI Secretary of Education, told the One Feather in December, “The insurance company sent someone out and had it (pool) inspected, and they did their report.  And, then, just to make sure everything was ok, they wanted to get an engineer here that specializes in pools.”

He added, “We got that report, and there were some hairline cracks on the edge of the pool, but the engineer said that was nothing to worry about and it could be fixed.  So, Facilities came in and patched those.  So, the pool has been painted.  All of the repairs have been made.  Everything has been pressure washed and cleaned up.”

Also in the works at the Complex is a smoothie bar which will open soon following upcoming training for the staff.  In addition to the above-mentioned upgrades, much of the facility has been repainted.

NEW FLOOR: The Cherokee Fitness Complex logo is emblazoned in the middle of the new basketball court floor in the facility.