Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Sept. 14

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(Note: These results have been compiled by One Feather staff.  The official results and count sheets, from the TOP Office, will be posted to when received later this month.)


Vetoed Res. No. 692 (2017) Special Election for Vice Chief – VETO STANDS

Item No. 1 – Protest of Res. No. 688 (2017), Revocation of life estate of Lora Kay Oxendine Taylor – PROTEST DENIED

Item No. 2 – Protest of Business Community Decision involving lease between EBCI and Collette Coggins – PROTEST DENIED

Item No. 3 – Tabled Ord. No. 618 (2017), Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 117A, Impeachments – AMENDED and TABLED

Item No. 4 – Tabled Ord. No. 622 (2017), Cherokee Code Chapter 113, establishment of the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources – TABLED

Item No. 5 – Tabled Ord. No. 682 (2017), Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 113, Hunting and Fishing – PASSED AS AMENDED

Item No. 6 – Tabled Ord. No. 683 (2017), Dangerous Buildings – PASSED

Item No. 7 – TCGE shall work with The Gordon Group to incorporate retail and entertainment offerings within the overall casino project – HOLD FOR BUDGET COUNCIL

Item No. 8 – Appointments to the Audit and Ethics Committee – PASSED as AMENDED (Community Member – Savannah Ferguson, Independent CPA – Mark Bumgarner, Industry Expert – Monique Taylor)

Item No. 9 – Appointment of Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority Governing Board member – PASSED AS AMENDED

Item No. 10 – Tribal Employee Benefits Committee shall have six voting members – PASSED

Item No. 11 – Revised operating agreement and by-laws are approved for Tribal LLC – PASSED

Item No. 12 – Guideline changes within EBCI Higher Education program – PASSED

Item No. 13 – Code Committee established to develop standards and guidelines for the language, style, formatting, citation consistency, accuracy, and readability of all ordinances and resolutions submitted to Tribal Council – PASSED

Item No. 14 – Recognition of heirs of Deborah Ann Bradley (d) – PASSED

Item No. 15 – Last Will and Testament of Emily Suzanne Abraham Shields (d) – PASSED

Item No. 16 – Last Will and Testament of Diamond Brown Jr. (d) – PASSED

Item No. 17 – Tribal Council requests the Office of the Attorney General to examine the history and legal posture of Res. No. 8 (1971) and the Tribe’s options regarding the right-of-way – PASSED

Item No. 18 – James Sequoyah Jr. requests to purchase property – PASSED

Item No. 19 – Resolution to provide for the construction of a home for Sarah Powell-Bradley and transfer a home to Charlotte Ann Bradley Reneike – DIED ON FLOOR, No motions received a second

Item No. 20 – Secretary of Administration, Secretary of Treasury, and Principal Chief are directed to plan, develop, and implement an Emergency Services substation in the Rough Branch area of the Wolftown Community – PASSED

Item No. 21 – Paving for Ollie Jumper Road and Wade and Huskey Road to be completed within the next year – PASSED AS AMENDED

Item No. 22 – Sidewalk project be completed from Owle Branch Road to Fisher Branch Road in the Birdtown Community – PASSED

Item No. 23 – EBCI requests Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed to exercise his authority under Cherokee Code Sections 117-2 and 117-3 and begin the legal process for becoming a self-governance tribe by submitting the appropriate application to the appropriate federal agency under the authority set forth in the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act (ISDEAA) – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 24 – EBCI requests Principal Chief Sneed to exercise his authority under Cherokee Code Sections 117-2 and 117-3 and enter into agreements with the Secretary of Interior under the authority of the ISDEAA to manage and carry out all non-inherent federal programs, services, functions, and activities concerning Tribal Real Property, recording and maintaining land records and trust documents and providing other real estate services authorized under the ISDEAA and as authorized under the HEARTH Act – WITHDRAWN

Item No. 25 – Tribal Council hereby concludes that the clearly expressed intent of Jeremiah Little Jr. (d) regarding the distribution of his HIP home and possessory holding is evident in the unsigned will of the deceased – HOLD FOR BUDGET COUNCIL

Motion – Birdtown Rep. Travis Smith made a motion to accept nominations for Vice Chief, second by Yellowhill Rep. Anita Lossiah – KILLED