LETTER: Two Feathers International Consultancy answers letter of apology

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Mashu White Feather (Photo from Two Feathers International Consultancy website)

It has been brought to our organization’s (Two Feathers International Consultancy – https://www.twofeathersinternationalconsultancy.com/home.html) attention through several individuals that a letter of apology has been published in your paper. As the public relations officer for Two Feathers International Consultancy, I would like the opportunity to address this published note

The referred trip to New Zealand for a cultural exchange had been organized by Two Feathers International Consultancy and one of the co-founders of TFIC, Doreen Bennet of the Maori tribe.  It was not lead or organized by Mashu White Feather but by our organization.

It doesn’t seem ethical for another individual to assume or judge who is of what heritage. He is certainly not privy to Mashu’s family history or genealogy.  It is not up to this individual to decide what heritage Mashu is or is not.  Mashu has been brought up throughout his childhood as being of Cherokee descent. He was taught from a young age by his parent’s many traditions.

Mashu has never claimed to be a speaker for the Cherokee people or representing Eastern Band, Western Band or the UKB. He only speaks of his personal upbringing and represents our organization when speaking.

At no time has Mashu White Feather stated that he is an enrolled member of the Eastern or Western Band or the UKB.  We are unclear as to why there would be a need to be confirmed through Eastern Band, Western Band or the UKB.  In fact, Mashu White Feather has always informed the public that he is not an enrolled member of any federally recognized tribe.  For further clarification purposes, Mashu White Feather’s last name is not Johnson.

Mashu White Feather does not refer to himself as a Cherokee elder. Others may have done so and Mashu does correct them. We and or Mashu cannot control what individuals may refer to him as. We can only correct the statements. It is interesting to read that this individual (and he has stated that he is not of Cherokee heritage) did not see fit to correct the perceived “inaccuracies” of Mashu’s speaking.

Mashu White Feather also did not receive financial compensation for this trip. Doreen Bennett and Mashu White Feather are the co-founders of the TFIC Organization.  Mashu White Feather has had a life long friend with Doreen Bennett and the Maori tribe. Both individuals have made many trips both to New Zealand and the USA in regard to the TFIC organization.

Although we can appreciate Mr. Mason’s apparent need to issue a public apology for any misrepresentations he might have conducted, we are perplexed on why he would include someone else into the apology and with misleading, false statements.

We do hope that we have shed clarification upon these statements which TFIC believes are untruths and should have the opportunity to be corrected in the public eye.



TFIC Board members

Daris Reno Blickman, TFIC public relations officer