Tribal member frustrated with housing issues

by Jul 31, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


I am writing this in regards to roadblocks I’ve been running into concerning the land transfers.  I started the procedure to have property transferred to me last fall.  It has been almost a year now, and although it has gone through all departments and has been deemed “buildable”, I am at a standstill on the final survey and official transfer.

I have also heard from the folks at Tribal Realty that some people have been waiting two years and that mine may be another year because of a shortage of qualified surveyers.  This unacceptable!

I am in an undesirable living situation right now, and although frustrating, I will be ok.  But, what concerns me more is that other people have been waiting so long for a simple survey.  We are talking about people’s lives here and the necessary need to have housing available.  What, if anything, is anybody doing to expedite these surveys?  Two years?  Really?


Kerry McCoy