LETTER: Visitor impressed with Fire Mountain Trail

by Jul 5, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


As a frequent visitor to the area, I recently had the opportunity to visit the new Cherokee Fire Mountain Trail. I would first like to offer my highest compliments on a project very well done. The trails showcase your beautiful lands in a way that can be enjoyable and safe for mountain bikers of all levels. They are world-class trails that complement the other excellent trails in the area.  This will be a very popular trail for many years to come, and would also make a fantastic race venue for future events.

On a larger perspective, I believe that your community has shown great foresight in the construction of these trails. I, along with many other mountain bikers and hikers, have been afforded the opportunity to see all the other wonderful things that your community has to offer. I hope that you continue with the plan to increase the ecotourism opportunities in your community, both with mountain biking and other activities.

I look forward to returning with family and friends in the near future.



Matthew Peterson

Louisville, Ky.