EBCI invites Swarm to host Lacrosse Camp for youth

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Famed Thompson Brothers and others to attend event at Old High School fields

For the second consecutive year, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ Recreation Department, with support from Principal Chief Richard G. Sneed’s office and the Cherokee Preservation Foundation, has partnered with the Georgia Swarm to bring a lacrosse camp to Cherokee youth.  The camp will be led by Swarm players and management, including bothers Miles, Lyle, Jerome, and Jeremy; better known as the Thompson brothers.

“Getting to bring champion role-models like the Thompson brothers to our homeland to teach our youth the lessons of life and sport from their perspective is something that we cannot pass over,” says Chief Sneed.  “The Recreation Department has picked up the ball and ran with it so that opportunities like this can happen for our community, something we all fully support.”

CAMP: Last year’s Lacrosse Camp drew many Cherokee youth interested in the sport. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

The event, a two-day camp that teaches lacrosse basics and allows limited play, will be held on July 10 and 11 at the old Cherokee High School.  Age divisions, 7-12, and 13-17, have been created to allow more children to participate.  Last year’s event was attended by over 100 youth.  Recreation staff will be on hand to assist with the camp operation.

“Moving forward, we plan to create a league for those interested in the sport that can fill a gap between seasons of our other popular activities,” says James Bradley, EBCI Secretary of Education.  “We are excited to offer more and more and look forward to a big turnout for this event.  Thank you to all who have had some input on this project.”

Equipment for the camp was provided by the support of the Cherokee Preservation Foundation last year, with continued support this year to continue to build the interest of Cherokee youth in the sport.  Kids will need to come to camp ready to participate with comfortable shoes, and attire such as shorts and t-shirts.  If possible, water bottles are recommended during the hot days.  Registration for the camp is open now, and may be completed at the Birdtown Gym during working hours.

Info: Peaches, Recreation supervisor, 359-6896

– EBCI Communications Office