Tribal Court Judgment Summary for June 7

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14-5.2 Communicating Threats – Dismissed After Investigation

14-40.62(a)(1) Simple Assault – Dismissed After Investigation

14-10.16 Second Degree Trespass – Dismissed After Investigation


GUNTER, Jeremy

14-10.16 Second Degree Trespass – Dismissed, Did not submit to Jurisdiction



14-15.5 Intoxicated and Disruptive in Public – Dismissed


TRAMPER, Annie Lynn

14-95.6(b) Drugs: Manufacturing, Selling or Delivering, Possessing with intent to sell or deliver schedule I, II, III, IV, and V – Dismissed After Investigation

14-2.2 Criminal Conspiracy – Dismissed, Co-Defendant Plead

14-10.61 Receiving or Possessing Stolen Property – Dismissed, Co-Defendant Plead


WAHNETAH, Kyle Austin

14-5.2 Communicating Threats – Guilty Plea, 30 days jail time suspended, 12 months probation, 90 days active jail time, credit for time served (32 days), $100 fine, $190 court costs, obtain Substance Abuse Assessment

20-28 Revoked License – Dismissed on Plea