EBCI Garden Judging Contest information

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The EBCI Garden Judging will begin Monday, June 19. You must register between May 22 and June 9 to be eligible for competition. Come by the EBCI Cooperative Extension Office at 876 Acquoni Rd or call 359-6939.

Judging will be done as follows:

June 19 – Wolfetown, Big Y, Birdtown and 3200 Acre Tract

June 20 – Big Cove, Towstring, Yellowhill, and Painttown

June 21 – Cherokee County and Snowbird

Youth Gardeners (up to age 18) and Community Gardens judging dates will depend on the number of entries. *Most likely done along with the main judging dates.

Please provide clear driving directions to the garden. Other questions: age of the gardener and if the garden is organic or conventional.

A team from the EBCI Cooperative Extension office will bring judges to visit the gardens. Judges are Master Gardeners from surrounding counties. They will score the gardens in the following areas:

  • General appearance
  • Planning for Season-long food production
  • Evidence of exceptional gardening practices such as soil preparation
  • Plant selection
  • Pest control and season-extending techniques
  • Creativity such as creative design, unique plants or other features.

Winners will be announced at the EBCI Cooperative Extension’s Community Awards Program in September.

– Ronald “Chumper” Walker, EBCI Cooperative Extension director