Ashley Sessions – Birdtown Tribal Council candidate

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Dear Birdtown residents:

My name is Ashley Sessions and I am your candidate for Tribal Council Representative in the Birdtown community.

I would like to take this opportunity to first, thank each and every one of you for welcoming me into your homes over the past several months; it has been an honor. As I have sat and talked with you, it has become very apparent that our community is not only ready for change but need it. You deserve a leader that will listen to all of your concerns and address them appropriately. Below is a list of items that have been the biggest concern thus far.

I have listened to you. I am ready to work with you and for you to:

*Provide better housing services to our enrolled members by creating more emergency housing, adding transitional housing, and making HIP homes for our elders and handicapped a higher priority

*Invest more into mental/physical, care by hiring more qualified doctors, updating our dialysis center in Birdtown and expanding it into the Tsali Care Center. I also believe we should look into creating a cancer treatment in Cherokee

*Invest more into drug treatment centers and recovery programs

*Invest more into our roads program so that all of the roads on the boundary are safe

*Create more room in the child care facilities and/or build a new center to provide more affordable child care for our enrolled members

*Create a program for enrolled members to secure a job with the tribe in the field of their study once they graduate

*Legislate stronger laws and punishment involving drug trafficking

*legislate stronger laws and punishment involving crimes committed against women and children;

*Create term limits for Council Members

*Create a Constitution for the protection of our enrolled members

Special projects for the Birdtown community I would like to work on as a community representative include:

*A community cabinet- this would be set up to help community members with food, toiletries, diapers, etc.

*Literacy center- the center would consist of books, computers, and other learning tools. I realize that not all families have access to computers or the internet and with the school systems transitioning to online homework, a literacy center would greatly benefit our community.

*Monthly events for individuals with special needs. We currently have the Special Olympics and it is a fantastic event! However, while visiting homes, I have learned that there are children and young adults that would greatly benefit from more interaction with their peers more frequently.

We are at a critical juncture in our lives as enrolled members and this election will be one of the most important in our history. I encourage all voters to exercise your right to vote. Do not give up hope and remember your vote will and does count. Your voice will always matter to me.

Birdtown community members, I Ashley Sessions, humbly ask for your continued support and for your vote on September 7th. You may also take advantage of the option to vote early, August 14th-18th and August 21st-26th at the Ginger Lynn Welch building.

“Your Voice Matters To Me…Your Voice Is My Voice”