Lori Taylor – Big Cove Tribal Council candidate

by May 12, 20172017 Candidate Platforms0 comments


Shiyo KoLaNvYi. All of us know this election is crucial. The political events of the past several months have impacted our Cherokee Nation like never before. I have stood before council several times in the last several years and voiced my concern and opinions when an issue came up that affects our community. I was there when the previous administration through bad investments lost our children’s money. I was there when Council gave themselves illegal back pay and pay raises.

I have been there watching current and I have a pretty good idea what the truth is. When elected, I will be accountable, and I will report to our community. My interest is community development, let’s continue to lead and help our tribe by staying in the for front in tribal events. Let’s continue to defend the rights of our people and protect our environment. Let’s continue to uphold the laws of the tribe and not bend them for a few. Let’s hold those accountable who violate our laws, and let’s continue to have compassion for our community members who struggle with loss and addition.

I will work diligently for solutions that benefit all of us. I am all about making sure the court continues to grow and I will push for convictions! My committee interests include housing, roads, business committee, and natural resources. It would be an honor to sit on the community services committee to help the people who we each depend on for help, police, fire, sanitation, and EMS. Big Cove, our voice has been strong and we have been heard. We need someone who will speak up, not sit there, and someone who will research the issues I am that woman. I very humbly ask each of you to vote and I ask each of you to support me. I want to work for you and our tribe, I truly have great respect for our Cherokee communities, especially our people and our future. I will not be politically influenced by the bad intentions of anyone, and I will not misrepresent our people. I can be reached at 736-2910. Let me know what you think, let me know what is important to you.

Bless you Big Cove and the people, the traditions and the culture we are. Please consider me to lead and not follow, please vote LORI TAYLOR BIG COVE COUNCIL MEMBER! Your Choice for a leadership voice! SGI.