Mary “Missy” Crowe – Yellowhill Tribal Council candidate

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Organizational Development of Tribal Government and Tribal Programs.  Clear and concise on the power and authority and duty and responsibility of each branch of tribal government and tribal programs and Boards and Commissions by creating and establishing clear and concise laws and policies and procedures and rules and regulations.  Structuring a clear path of communication from community to government through the Community Club Councils regarding serious issues concerning the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Building Sustainable Communities by respecting everyone’s level of talents and skills and begin utilizing our own resources and our own people to work for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  From Chief in the office to the Chief of the streets, we need everyone in between.  We need doctors, lawyers and accountants, and we also need carpenters and counselors and laborers.

By supporting and strengthening our TERO program and Higher Education program to offer more training and education opportunities to increase the employment rate within our own people.

Broadening our economic base to create jobs in industry and manufacturing and agriculture as well as a regional recycling center.

Concentrating on building affordable, sustainable homes on the Qualla Boundary and creating one housing program for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Healing and wellness for our people by increasing funding for our hospital and Health and Human Services, especially our Senior Programs, Social Services Programs, and Mental Health Programs.

Support and funding for our Education System from Head Start to High School for all Cherokee children regardless of where they go to school.  It is my hope to build our Cherokee School System into a competitive academic institution where everyone will want to send their children to learn.

I humbly ask for your support and vote on the June 1, 2017 Primary Elections.