CES students’ artwork to be displayed at WCU

by Mar 13, 2017COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


A total of 26 Cherokee Elementary School students will have their artwork at display at the annual Youth Art Month Show at WCU’s Fine and Performing Arts Center.  An awards and show opening reception will be held on Sunday, March 19 at 1pm.

Samuel Welch, fourth grade, was awarded a first place prize for this work, and Shona Cole, third grade, was awarded second place.  The Teacher’s Choice Award went to Eli Garcia.

Honorable Mention Awards are as follows: Jocelyn Saunooke, fourth grade; Addison Stewart, second grade; Tayvin Bark, third grade; Julie Smart, fourth grade; Olivia Arch, third grade; and Layla Crowe Taylor, kindergarten.

Other participants in the Art Show include:

  • Pre-K: Odie Owle, Ivan Martinez
  • Kindergarten: Tia Buchanan, Gabriel Arneach
  • First Grade: Laylah Thompson, Jeremiah Locust
  • Second Grade: Deanna Long, Madison Teesateskie, Roleana Welch, Ayanna Lambert
  • Third Grade: Tsa-Li Dv-di-s-di, Jack Teesateskie
  • Fourth Grade: Abbygail Wildcatt, Native Walkingstick, Emeral Quijada, Jair Morales
  • Fifth Grade: Isabella Jones, Kaesyn McCoy
  • One Feather staff report