Pesticide Disposal event to be held in Cherokee

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The EBCI Cooperative Extension Office is collaborating with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service to host a Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program event at the Acquoni Expo Center on Tuesday, March 21 from 10am – 2pm. The Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program (PDAP) is a consumer services program of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The PDAP, part of the Structural Pest Control and Pesticides Division, is a non-regulatory program that provides cost-free assistance to farmers and homeowners. The goal of the Pesticide Disposal Assistance Program is to assist the citizens of North Carolina by managing and supervising the safe collection and lawful disposal of banned, outdated, or unwanted pesticides.

Several precautions should be taken when handling and transporting pesticides. Take time to read and follow the label carefully. It provides information about special hazards and safety instructions for handling and disposing. Wear protective clothing and equipment (googles, gloves, respirator, etc.) as described on the product labels when handling pesticides.

DISPOSAL: PDAP sets up at a previous Pesticide Disposal Event at the Acquoni Expo Center. An event is scheduled for Tuesday, March 21. (Photo courtesy of EBCI Cooperative Extension)

In the event that the product is not labeled or illegible, or the product does not contain a “Hazardous to Humans and Domestic Animals” panel with protective clothing that you would normally wear when applying pesticides, at a minimum wear a long sleeved shirt with buttons at the wrist, a pair of chemical resistant boots, googles or full face shield, and a wide brimmed hat.

Have spill control material available, such commercial absorbent or kitty litter. If a spill occurs prior to transporting, use a shovel to relocate the absorbent and any contaminated soil into a container, such a five-gallon bucket.

Before transporting the pesticide, check all caps, plugs, and stoppers and tighten if necessary. Do not transport the pesticide in the cab of the vehicle with the driver.  Secure the pesticide container, either in the trunk of your car or the bed of a truck, to prevent any shifting and container damage. Vapors released from the pesticides can be hazardous and cause the driver and others to become ill or cause injury if spilled.

Upon arrival at the collection site, proceed to the line as directed by the PDAP representative. If pesticide spillage occurs in your vehicle, notify the PDAP representative of the situation.

If you are planning to dispose more than five gallons of a pesticide, please contact your Extension Agent to pre-register. For unlabeled pesticide containers, also contract your Extension Agent as how to accommodate the pesticide for disposal.

– EBCI Cooperative Extension