LETTER: Tribal member weighs in on Constitution, Detention Center

by Jan 24, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


This Constitution is all about you and the Council.  There is no tribal members’ involvement with anything you are wanting to implement.  It’s another “all about us” thing.  Why can’t the tribal members vote on judges or things to do with Council?

This was supposed to be putting our people back in power over our Tribe, but all it is doing is giving the same people whom we have problems being in power – more power!  Want to know how to fix thing?  Talk to the average man walking through town and get their opinion or go talk to workers that are actually working jobs.  Why doesn’t Council have to be in an office for so many hours a week?  They get paid very well, yet they are never available for people to talk to or get things signed.

The people should be able to elect the ones that run the Jail and Detention Center also.  Want to know the problems there?  Go talk to the inmates!  Not everything you are told is the truth!  Where is the GED program for inmates?  Did you know you have to do a background check to be able to visit on a computer screen?  Why? There is no physical contact.

Give some of the power back to the people of our tribe!  Things definitely need some change, but it should not all be where you and the elected officials get to make all of the decisions!

Nat Crowe