LETTER: Where is the customer service?

by Jan 5, 2017OPINIONS0 comments


I want to bring up an issue.  A lot of tribal members have really great paying jobs and have to work with the public.  So, why is it so hard to work with us?  The people that answer the phones sound so happy to have a great job.  Their rude, unhelpful and if things don’t go right…click goes the phone.

When we try to report them, we have to leave a message to their supervisor that never returns the call.  So, therefore, the issue is never handled and the rude people keep their job and still treat people badly.  This is not to mention the countless times I’ve had to wait in the lobby of some places only to see them on Facebook or their cell phone.  I mean, how many people out there would love to have that job?  It’s a far-fetched issue, but I thought I would see if anyone out there will care or wait until it’s one of your loved ones getting hurt before you stand up.


Stan Wildcat