LETTER: Article on Data Center confusing

by Nov 15, 2016OPINIONS0 comments


Was the article about the data center confusing or what? The definition by “Technopedia” defined a data center to be, “a repository for computing facilities like servers, routers, switches and firewalls”.

Webster’s defines “repository” as a location where things may be placed for preservation. Why then, did Representative McCoy say, “This is a new modern way to provide manufacturing”? Webster’s defines “manufacture” as to make a product.

Thus, the confusion. However, there was more than one point of confusion. The article stated the RTECH Group Inc. was “conducting” an “updated” feasibility study for the project. “Conducting” means it isn’t finished. “Updated” means, an earlier one had already been done. What happened to that one?

Therefore, if the “updated” one is still being “conducted”, how would we know “if” and remember, “if could be a hundred million dollar word. If! This undertaking is going to be a profitable venture for the tribe?

What made it really questionable was the description used by the representative from RTECH pitching the proposal. He said, “So, what happens ‘many times’”. That statement in itself is very inconclusive. He doesn’t even know whether all the property will be leased.

So, going by the information contained in the One Feather article, it would seem to be a long ways away from being a rock solid investment.

This is a perfect example where Tribal Council needs to be more transparent. Not enough information has been provided to sway my vote that this would be a good place to put our money.

Tribal Council is supposed to be the voice of the people. Shouldn’t their voice be heard before going into debt of this magnitude?

I think all tribal members would agree with the statement, “If we’re guaranteed success, invest. If not, throw it down the pot”.


Harold R. Rattler

Jonesville, Va.