COMMENTARY: It’s finally over and…what tha?

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Observations and random thoughts. Volume 14.1




This bizarre election season has finally come to an end. Since Trump won there was no whining, crying, tears or snot, no crying about cheating from the Clinton camp. She conceded gracefully and with expected emotion. This election season proved that American was ready for a Black President but not at all ready for a female to hold the top spot. In electing Trump America decided that another White male is preferable to a woman. What does that say about the value of our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and daughters? And before anyone opens the mouth to disagree remember, we EBCI have elected only one woman to lead the tribe and that was years ago. She did a good job. When you receive your per capita check next month say thanks to her. Also, when you talk about the future of this country, tell your grandchildren not to hold their breath waiting for a Native President of the United States unless he’s Republican and white enough to glow in the dark.

More important news. In North Dakota the Standing Rock people and their supporters are still standing their ground, and set up a camp directly in the path of the pipeline. The owner of the company building the pipeline issued threats against the protesters and turned his army of goons loose. So far more than 1000 activists and supporters have been arrested and are probably back on the frontlines. The goons, mostly White police officers, many from out-of-state PDs, are wearing their riot gear, brandishing automatic weapons, using pepper spray, concussion grenades and Tasers on unarmed American citizens. The National Guard have been mobilized and are also out there with their M-16 and M-4 assault weapons, gas masks and heavy vehicles also suppressing and oppressing the people for exercising their rights under the Constitution. I guess it’s OK again for American soldiers to brutalize Indians. Welcome to the Wild West 2016. The County Sheriff and his men also tried shooting down a drone flown by a protester to document these suppressive activities under the pretense that the drone was interfering with and attacking a helicopter. Wow, a drone attacking a helicopter. I assumed helicopter rotor wash would knock a little camera drone out of the sky. Those little drones are seriously bad news I guess.

This is the perfect time for President Obama to show what he feels about the interference of the FBI in the election and pardon Leonard Peltier on his way out the door. A pardon for Peltier is long overdue and needs to happen now.

President Obama has publicly made a statement hinting at a delay and possible re-routing of the pipeline path. Donald Trump has investments in the pipeline. Many alleged Native people including some from the Nation (remember Ross Swimmer?) are publicly standing behind Trump. I call ‘em the Apple Clan of the Fukawi tribe. They probably support the Washington NFL and Cleveland MLB mascots. Speaking of…

Cleveland and Chicago played in the recent World Series with the Cubbies ending a 108-year drought. One thing has always gotten to me, it’s called the World Series but only American teams and sometimes the Boston Red Sox play in it.

Curses: The “Billy Goat” curse is done, it’s over and as Harry Caray used to say once in a while, the Cubs were never any good, “Cubs win, Cubs win, Cubs win!” Unfortunately for Cleveland, the Russell Means curse is alive and well. For those unaware of the Russell Means curse, his curse specifically directs that the team from Cleveland make it to the seventh game of the World Series, hold a 3-run lead, then lose on a walk-off grand slam home run on the very last pitch thrown. He wanted the loss to be THAT excruciating for the city and its fans because of their resistance to changing their racist mascot. I would call the outcome of Game 7, the comeback, extra innings, hope, then the rain delay and loss pretty close to the original intent of the curse. I hope he cursed Washington to never win another Super Bowl until they get rid of the racist slur they use for their mascot. Dunno if it’ll do any good but I hereby curse them too.

Fans of The Walking Dead rejoice! Our favorite show is back on the air and Season 7, Episode 1 was too much. I don’t do spoilers so if you haven’t caught up and seen the episode for yourself yet, it’s pretty graphic and very devastating to fans of certain characters. I can’t wait until Negan gets his.

One last thing. If you didn’t get up off your ahh…couch and go vote, in my opinion, you don’t get to complain. Sure free speech and all but sitting on your can while the most important election in recent memory was happening means you don’t deserve an opinion. I don’t care if you didn’t like any of them you should’ve voted for someone! Now we’ll see when the assault on our sovereignty begins.

Ledford is an EBCI tribal member currently living in Albuquerque, NM.