Public Notice concerning “Chiefing”

by Mar 1, 2016COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


The Commerce Department has reissued a letter of guidelines for the practice known as “chiefing”. While the ordinance is under consideration for change, current law still requires still requires all chiefs and live performers to have the proper permits outlined in the Cherokee Code Section 105. According to Planning Coordinator Kim Deas, no one has applied for a business license to chief in 2016, so anyone who is currently engaged in the activity is violating tribal law and is subject to fines. No warnings will be given after today and beginning March 1, compliance will be checked and citations issued. According to the letter issued Monday, Feb. 29, and based on the 2015 law, “Fines are $100 per infraction. Upon your 3rd infraction, you will be arrested, and not allow to obtain a business license for the upcoming seasons”. Questions or concerns should be directed to Kim Deas, Planning Coordinator 359-6707 or

– EBCI Commerce Department