THANK YOU: The family of Nannie Morris expresses gratitude

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The family of Nannie “Bunny” Sampson Morris would like to express sincere gratitude to all friends and relatives who stopped by to be with us; offered prayers, hugs, comforting words and sang during Bunny’s illness and passing.  We thank Tribal EMS, Dr. Michael Toedt, Dr. Dominique Toedt, Dr. Shell, Dr. Winchester and the staff (ER, Inpatient, Case Managers) at Cherokee Indian Hospital for taking good care of Bunny.  Special thanks to Ginger Arkansas and Satin Taylor (you two went above and beyond to care for her and made her feel special). Thank you to Rock Springs Baptist Church and Yellowhill Church for the beautiful singing during the wake; also Pastor Greg Morgan, Erma McMillan, Pam Cucumber and Sandy Saunooke for your singing during the service. We thank preachers Bo Parris and Patricia Crockett for their comforting message from the word of God and always checking in on Bunny when she needed it most. Thank you to those who brought food (especially Cherokee Wesleyan Church members and the Oocumma family), sent cards, and flowers.

So much appreciation to the following for helping in a special way and being an extra blessing to our lives: Mary Mantooth, Sam Smith, Jayson Crusenberry, Amy Crowe, Tammi Hogner and the Morris family. Last but not least, we thank the Long House Funeral home for assisting with the service. Please accept our apologies if we left out anyone. May God Bless you all!


Amber Cruz and family