Cherokee Indian Fair Schedule

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(SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

(SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)


(Note: All events will be held at the Cherokee Indian Fairgrounds unless otherwise noted.)


Tuesday, Oct. 6 (Parade Day)

9am – line-up for Parade begins

2:30pm – Parade judging

4pm – Parade starts

6pm – Opening Prayer, colors, National Anthem, Principal Chief welcome, Vice Chief welcome, Council recognition and speeches, recognition of Grand Marshals, Warriors of Anikituwah

7pm – Teen Miss Cherokee pageant

8:30pm – Tsalagi Touring Group

9pm – J. Creek Cloggers

9:30pm – Cherokee Idol

10:45pm – closing


Wednesday, Oct. 7 (Children’s Day)

10am – Gates open, wristband distribution, sign-ups begin (gum, longest hair and pet show)

10am – Archery at Unity Field

10:30am – Baby Crawling Contest

12pm – Lunch, Magic Show with Bill Grimsley

1:30pm – Corn Shucking Contest, Pet Show

2pm – Longest Hair Contest, Teen Boy and Teen Girl, Youth Boy and Youth Girl

2:30pm – Bubble Gum Contest

3pm – Youth Stickball (6-9) Big Cove vs Wolftown

4pm – Youth Stickball (10-12) Big Cove vs Wolftown

5pm – Greasy Pole Contest

5:30pm – Little Miss Cherokee pageant

7:30pm – Comedian Adrianne Chalepah

8:30pm – South 129

10pm – Gates close


Thursday, Oct. 8 (Elder’s Day)

9am – Gates open

10am – Presentation of Colors

10:45am – Alfred and Maybelle

11:30am – Lunch

12:45 – Basket drawings

1pm – Bingo

2pm – Elder’s Stories and Tales

2:30pm – The Beatles

3pm – Moonshine Creek Band

4pm – Youth Stickball (10-12) Big Cove vs Wolftown

5pm – Elder’s Stickball Big Cove vs Stoney

6pm – Men’s Stickball Big Cove vs Wolftown at Unity Field

7pm – Junior Miss Cherokee pageant

9pm – Cherokee Idol

10pm – Gates close


Friday, Oct. 9 (Veteran’s Day)

11am – Gates open, Veteran’s lunch, Cherokee Community Chorus

11:30am – Birdtown Crossing Singers

12pm – Opening Ceremony

1pm – Pfc. Charles George (Medal of Honor winner) Memorial Service

1:30pm – American Eagle Foundation

2pm – USO Troupe Liberty Bells

3pm – What is a veteran? (EBCI Royalty)

4pm – Youth Stickball (6-9) Big Cove vs Wolftown at Unity Field

5pm – Men’s Stickball Big Cove vs Hummingbirds

6pm – Mountain Faith

7pm – USO Troupe Liberty Bells

7:45pm – Closing Ceremony

8pm – Joey Allcorn

9pm – Lip Singing Finals

11pm – Gates close


Saturday, Oct. 10 (Community Day)

9:30am – Sign-ups for Archery and Blowgun contests

10am – Archery and Blowgun Contests at Unity Field

12pm – Wood Chopping Contest

12:45pm – Corn Shucking Contest

1pm – Raymond Fairchild

2pm – Lid Toss Contest, Polecat Family

2:50pm – AM Super Stars

3:30pm – Men’s Stickball Wolftown vs TBD at Unity Field

4:30pm – Youth Stickball (13-17)

5pm – Soco Creek

6pm – Tsali Manor Cloggers

6:30pm – Language Bowl

7:30pm – Meet and Greet with Erica Nichole

8pm – Erica Nichole

9:15pm – Cherokee Idol Finals

10:30pm – Pretty Legs Contest

11:30pm – Fireworks