Budget Council Agenda for Sept. 8

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8:30 AM

  1. Call to order – Chairwoman Terri Henry
  2. Prayer – Denny Crowe, Old Antioch Baptist Church
  • Roll Call
  1. Orders of the Day
  2. Reports & Announcements
  3. Requests for Time
  • Agenda Items


9:30 a.m.        Donation Requests: (Item No. 1)

Madison Ledford – $250

Cherokee Mite Cheerleaders – $500


9:40 a.m.        Budget Amendments:

Cherokee Life – Wellness FY 2015 (Item No.2)

Senior Citizens FY 2015 (Item No. 3)

Cooperative Extension FY 2015 (Item No. 4)

Tribal Education FY 2015 (Item No. 5)

Budget Stabilization FY 2015 (Item No. 6)

Endowment Fund #2 FY 2015 (Item No. 7)

Health Delivery – Administration FY 2015 (Item No. 8)

Bioterrorism FY 2015 (Item No. 9)

Women’s Wellness 2015 (Item No. 10)

Domestic Violence FY 2015 (Item No. 11)

Social Services FY 2015 (Item No. 12)

CDOT – BIA Road Maintenance FY 2015 (Item No. 13)

CDOT – TRIP FY 2015 (Item No. 14)

Fisheries & Wildlife Management FY 2015 (Item No. 15)

THPO FY 2015 (Item No. 16)

EMS FY 2015 (Item No. 17)

Police Department FY 2015 (Item No. 18)

In-House Legal FY 2015 (Item No. 19)

Legal – Prosecutors FY 2015 (Item No. 20)

Tribal Court FY 2015 (Item No. 21)


11:20 a.m.      Authorization for the Cherokee Diabetes Program to apply for and accept funds from the Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Services up to $1,184,081 (Item No. 22)


11:30 a.m.      Authorization for the purchase of 0.370 acres, more or less, respectively, from John Alfred Parker at the agreed upon price of $12,000 (Item No. 23)


11:40 a.m.      Authorization for the Principal Chief, on behalf of the Tribe, to enter into a Contract for the purchase of 11.856 acres, more or less, for the Tallulah Property from Ronald Williams and Sherry Williams for the purchase price of $170,000 to come from the Fund Balance of the Endowment Fund No. 2 (Item No. 24)


11:50 a.m.      Authorization for the Principal Chief, on behalf of the Tribe, to enter in to a Contract with Mara Bird Nelson, for the purchase of Wolfetown Community Parcel No. 262-K consisting of 0.733 acres, more or less and its improvements, for the purchase price of $210,000 (Item No. 25)


12:00 p.m.     LUNCH


1:00 p.m.        Authorization for the Sequoyah National Golf Club, LLC to renew the $500,000 Line of Credit with First Citizens Band through FY 2018 (Item No. 26)


1:10 p.m.        Authorization for the Principal Chief to direct the Office of Budget & Finance to secure a construction loan amount not to exceed $3,200,000 for site work and construction of a 9800 Sq. Ft. two level facility for the EBCI Domestic Violence Program (Item No. 27)


1:20 p.m.        Request for the Tribal Planning Office to begin the steps necessary to look into conducting a feasibility study to see if a senior citizen assisted living facility in the Cherokee County area is needed (Item No. 28)


1:30 p.m.        Authorization for the Legal Department to pursue the purchase of the 3600 (+/-) sq. ft., 1.15 acre 9+/-) piece of property in Graham County at a price not to exceed $219,000 or appraisal price, whichever is less, for our Graham County Indian Education Cultural Arts workspace and to house the Junaluska Museum (Item No. 29)


1:40 p.m.        Authorization to purchase of the televisions and computers for the Snowbird and Cherokee communities not to exceed a cost of $75,000 from the Technology Enhancement Fund (Item No. 30)


1:50 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 592 – Authorization to develop the entertainment complex featuring a bowling lanes component to be constructed at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Resort and that Tribal Council authorizes the funding for said project to be provided to TCGE from the fund balance of Endowment No. 2 in the amount of $15,000,000. (Item No. 31)


2:00 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 619 – Annual operating budget FY 2016 (Item No. 32)


2:10 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 669 – Budget Amendment:  Benefits & Compensation FY 2015 (Item No. 33)


2:20 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 674 – Approval for $884,000 to be taken from FY 2016 Endowment No. 2 Fund for the purpose of constructing a pedestrian bridge at Old High School (Item No. 34)


2:30 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 676 – Authorization for the Office of the Treasurer to secure financing through Morgan Stanley (Item No. 35)


2:40 p.m.        Tabled Resolution No. 675 – Samuel Frell Reed requests compensation (Item No. 36)


2:50 p.m.        Tabled Ordinance No. 577 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Section 16-C Revenue Allocation Plan (Item No. 37)


3:00 p.m.        Tabled Ordinance No. 618 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Chapter 7 Detention Fees (Item No. 38)


3:10 p.m.        Tabled Ordinance No. 679 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Sections 117-21 Travel and 117-22 Purchases for the Tribe (Item No. 39)


3:20 p.m.        First Line Response Pension (Item No. 40)


3:30 p.m.        Banishment Hearings


  • Request for Time

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