LETTER: Reader unhappy with “creepy crawlers”

by Aug 17, 2015OPINIONS0 comments


Dear Editor:

Once again, the general public has been made aware that a personnel file containing compelled, personal information pertaining to a candidate for Principal Chief, was stolen from Tribal records and distributed to the public in an internet social medium form.

There is no doubt, in my opinion, that the person or persons responsible for this act feel smug and satisfied with the results of their act. They have no empathy for the people they seek to harm.

This is the third time that Tribal files have been breached in the last few years. There is nothing sacred, so far as this group is concerned. They seem to thrive on the belief that “the ends justify the means”. No matter who suffers because of their actions. I liken their actions to those of Pit Vipers. You know, those slimy, creepy crawlers that slither on their belly in order to sneak upon their victims and spew their poisonous venom.

When Gene “Tunney” Crowe stood before his fellow Tribal members and acknowledged his mistakes, he grew in stature to a size that considerably dwarfs the size of any opponent he may have. I believe that the time has come for his fellow Council Members to take a stand and ask for a full investigation into the misuses of Tribal records. No Tribal member is safe, as long as these creepy crawlers are allowed to continue spewing their poison.


Nancy R. Long


(Editor’s note: This letter was edited for content that was not in line with Cherokee One Feather’s political content policy. A copy of the policy is available upon request.)