Tribal Council Results for Feb. 5

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Ord. No. 472 – Amendment to Chapter 14, Article X, Sex Offender Registry – TABLED


Ord. No. 473 – Adoption of a new Chapter 32A, Power of Attorney – TABLED


Res. No. 478 – Authorization for the Grants Compliance Office to coordinate and submit an application to DOJ for CTAS funding – PASSED, Unanimous


Item No. 4 – TCGE Board of Advisors appointment – HELD


Res. No. 479 – Request that CIHA do a cost and feasibility study for having an appropriate-sized, locked psychiatric unit in the hospital and development of an involuntary commitment jurisdiction – TABLED


Res. No. 475 – Request to rescind Res. No. 578 (2011), resolution calling for construction of left and right turning lane at US19 and Goose Creek intersection – TABLED


Res. No. 474 – Terrill Edwin Rattler request water and sewer right-of-way without the signature of Carandee Stephanie Wolfe – PASSED, FOR – 11, ABSTAIN – B. Ensley


Res. No. 476 – Assignment of Birdtown Community Parcel No. 555-D to Donna Lee Queen Owle, subject to Life Estate for Genevieve Reed Lambert for the cabin only – PASSED, Unanimous


Res. No. 477 – Assignment of Wolfetown Community Parcel No. 628-L-D to Ida Teresa Reed – PASSED, Unanimous


Res. No. 480 – Request that a temporary moratorium be placed on the burials of non-enrolled persons, except spouses, until an ordinance is drafted and presented to Council – AMENDED/PASSED, Unanimous


Res. No. 435 – Request that organizational chart be amended to create a Chief Information/Technology Officer – PASSED, Unanimous


Res. No. 400 – Tabled Res. No. 400, Big Y requests funding to expand broadband to Big Y Community Building – AMENDED/PASSED, Unanimous


Ord. No. 276 – Technology Enhancement Fund – AMENDED/PASSED, FOR – P. Shell, T. Crowe, B. Ensley, D. Wolfe, B. Taylor, T. Saunooke; AGAINST – T. McCoy, T. Henry, B. Jones, A. Wachacha, B. Crowe, A. Rose


Ord. No. 277 – Cherokee Broadband Enterprise – PASSED, FOR – 11, AGAINST – T. McCoy


Res. No. 299 – EBCI Information Technology Strategic Working Group – AMENDED/PASSED, Unanimous


Ord. No. 347 – Request for an ordinance amendment recognizing the Baker Roll as the base roll for the EBCI – AMENDED/PASSED, FOR – T. Crowe, B. Ensley, D. Wolfe, B. Taylor, A. Rose, T. Saunooke; AGAINST – T. McCoy, T. Henry, B. Jones, B. Crowe; ABSTAIN – P. Shell, A. Wachacha


Ord. No. 377 – Request for a new ordinance to allow corrections to the base roll – WITHDRAWN


Ord. No. 380 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Section 14-95.5, Possession of a controlled substance – TABLED


Ord. No. 425 – Retirement Plan for Council’s and Chief’s spouses be terminated – TABLED


Ord. No. 427 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Section 2.1 and Section 14 involving crimes against children – TABLED


Ord. No. 451 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Sec. 16-4.09, Sec. 16-5.03, and Sec. 16-5.08 – PASSED, Unanimous


Ord. No. 452 – Amendment to Cherokee Code Sec. 16C-3, Allocations and applications of distributable net revenues – WITHDRAWN


Ord. No. 83 – Amendment to Chapter 95, Tribal Employment Preference Law – WITHDRAWN


Ord. No. 378 – Amendment to Preference Law Ordinance to combine Chapters 92 and 95 – WITHDRAWN


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