Consumer alert for Cherokee residents

by Nov 21, 2014COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments

Cherokee residents have been receiving letters from an entity called “Homeserve USA Repair Management Corp” who claims to be an “independent company separate from your local utility or community” offering an alleged “water service line coverage” insurance policy. The mailing includes an “acceptance form” asking the recipient to provide a first payment check, money order or bank card and a signature to authorize future payments to be drawn on the recipient’s account.

EBCI Vice Chief Larry Blythe expressed concern that citizens, particularly the elderly, might provide money and personal financial information to this entity without any verification that “Homeserve” is a legitimate business.

The EBCI Office of the Attorney General is advising Cherokee residents not to respond to any solicitation from Homeserve and to contact the Attorney General’s Office to report receipt of any communication from Homeserve.

Hannah Smith, Attorney General, says that her office has made attempts to contact this entity to advise it to stop sending these solicitations to tribal members, but Homeserve has not responded. The Attorney General may be reached at 497-1009 or

– Office of the Vice Chief