Tribal Court Docket for Nov. 26  

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Note: This is a schedule for Tribal Court, and defendants are scheduled to appear on the dates listed.  It should be noted that the following defendants have only been charged with the crimes listed and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



14-70-19 Resisting Lawful Arrest

14-5.2 Communicating Threats


BOLDEN, Jean Elizabeth

14-10.64 Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle


BRADLEY, Connie Lynn

14-30.3 Compulsory School Attendance


BRADY, Steven E.

14-2.2 Criminal Conspiracy

14-10.9 Criminal Mischief

14-40.15 Discharging Firearm into Occupied Property

14-40.64 Reckless Endangerment

14-34.10 Weapons Offense


GREEN, Dolly

14-25.2 Drugs: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia



14-30.3 Compulsory School Attendance


JACKSON, Angela Lynn

14-10.60(c) Grand Larceny

14-60.10 Forgery

14-60.30 False Pretenses


LITTLEJOHN, Jordan Elizabeth

14-10.9 Criminal Mischief


LOCUST, Adrienne

14-10.64 Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle


LOSSIAH, Rebecca

14-40.53 (b) Assault on Governmental Employee


MCCOY, Norman

14-40.62(a)(1) Simple Assault


MORALES, Joseph Adolfo

14-5.3 Telephone Harassment