Free Training Classes by Robins & Morton

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Robins & Morton is holding free Craft Training Classes every Tuesday until New Year’s open to anyone interested in attending.  You do not have to be skilled.  All classes will be held at the new Cherokee Indian Hospital Jobsite.  Seats are limited so please contact Sarah Crow 497-3533 and sign up for one or all of these great opportunities.

Classes                                 Company                             Date                      Time

Sheet Metal                       NETA                                     11/11                     4PM

Med-Gas                             Rock City Mechanical      11/18                     4PM

Electrical                              Cherokee Electrical         11/25                     4PM

Fire Protection                  Fire Performance             12/2                       4PM

Framing/Drywall               Murray Drywall                 12/9                       4PM

Pipe & Duct Insulation   Old Dominion                    12/16                     4PM

Carpenter/Laborer          Robins & Morton             12/30                     4PM