Same-sex marriage ban introduced to Tribal Council

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An ordinance amendment that would ban same-sex marriages on tribal lands of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has been submitted to Tribal Council.  The amendment to Cherokee Code Section 50-1, submitted by Denny Crowe, Bo Parris, Ben Reed and Gilbert Breedlove, is scheduled to be deemed read and tabled during the regular Tribal Council meeting on Thursday, Nov. 6 according to information from the Tribal Operations Program (TOP).

The amendment, if passed, would add the following sentence to the end of Section 50-1, “The licensing and solemnization of same sex marriages are not allowed within this jurisdiction.”

The legislation submitted by Crowe, Parris, Reed and Breedlove states, “The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians for generation upon generation have recognized a marriage to consist of the union between a man and a woman.”

It goes on to state, “Recent court cases throughout the country on this topic have triggered the local review and response of strengthening the laws within this jurisdiction to best protect the institution or marriage.”

Ordinances that have been deemed read have a 30-day period before they can be acted upon.

– One Feather staff report