THANK YOU: Thompson family thanks everyone for support

by Jul 14, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

The Thompson family would like to thank everyone for all the care and love they showed to the Lavenia Mae Chilstoskie Thompson family including the following:  EMS, Home Health staff and nuses Darlene and Becky, Family Services, Dr. Mary Anne Farrell and April Ross, Dr. Peter Shell, Dr. Dominique Toedt, services of Cherokee Indian Hospital and staff, Vice Chief Blythe, Tribal Construction, David Hicks and crew, Tommye Saunooke, David Wolfe, and Free Labor.  We would also like to thank the Cherokee Indian Police Department for all they did, for the use of Yellowhill’s Church van driven by Jerry Swimmer and Curtis Thompson and Transit, and the services of Crisp Funeral Home.

We would like to thank everyone who brought food, flowers and prayed for our family.  Thanks to the Methodist Church, Pastor John Feree, Pat Thompson and all the members that helped at the Church.  Thank you to the pallbearers, singers, Pastor Steve Phillipi, Pastor James Bo Parris, and Pastor Steve Bradley.  We would like to thank Kristie, Gloria, and Lavon Hyatt for all they did for our family.  May God bless each one.


Lavenia Thompson family