THANK YOU:  Beau Carroll thanks Yogi Crowe Scholarship

by Jul 11, 2014OPINIONS0 comments

This summer semester, I was awarded the Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship.  I am currently enrolled at the University of Tennessee working toward my master’s of arts degree with a concentration in archeology.

This summer, I was able to enroll in an internship class that will enable me to stay in Cherokee and participate in several archeology projects.  The first project was a field school involving students from Illinois State University in an archeological dig at the Nvnvnyi Site.  Nvnvnyi Mound is located in the Yellowhill Community.  The artifacts found here will help us learn more about historic Cherokee towns.

There was a lot of collaboration involved to make this happen and I have gained valuable experience in setting up the field school.  There are many people to thank for this, and I appreciate everyone involved.  The Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship is allowing me to participate in projects like this by helping with expenses while I am enrolled at the University of Tennessee.  I appreciate the scholarship and the Yogi Crowe Board Members for their assistance.

Thank you,

Beau Carroll