Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership announces grant cycle

by Jun 19, 2014Happenings0 comments

The Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership (BRNHA) has announced the availability of more grants available for the preservation, interpretation, development, and promotion of heritage resources in five thematic areas including:  agricultural heritage, Cherokee heritage, craft heritage, music heritage, and natural heritage.

Applications in the new grant cycle are due by Oct. 1 and funding decisions will be announced in January 2015.

The total pool of funding for the 2014 grant cycle is $150,000. The maximum grant award will be $16,000. Applicants must provide at least a one-to-one match from non-federal sources. Nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and units of state and local governments are eligible to apply.  Further details, including guidelines and application forms, are available on our website at

BRNHA staff will hold several grant information sessions around the BRNHA region in July. Attendance is optional, but is recommended for those who have not attended information sessions for previous BRNHA grant cycles.

A meeting will be held in Cherokee on Wednesday, July 16 from 2-3pm at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

Over the past ten years, the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area Partnership has awarded 111 grants totaling over $1.8 million to projects that preserve, interpret, and develop the heritage resources of the region. These awards have leveraged over $3.5 million in state, local, and private matches.

Grants awarded in previous cycles have supported indoor and outdoor exhibits, oral history projects, video documentaries, interpretive programs, visitor brochures, music classes, and the marketing of heritage destinations. The grant projects have provided engaging and authentic heritage experiences to hundreds of thousands of visitors and residents.