Cherokee Elementary School’s Read Bravely Summer Challenge

by Jun 9, 2014COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments

To encourage your child to keep reading over the summer, Cherokee Elementary related they would like to invite him/her to participate in the summer reading challenge.  The goal is for the students at CES to collectively read 100,000 minutes over the summer.

Students can read one day or all seven days of the week.  They can read from five minutes to as many minutes a day as they wish.  Every minute counts.

But, whenever your child reads, have them write the number of minutes he/she read and initial it on the calendar you were provided.  Then, simply return the calendar with the recorded minutes to your child’s new teacher by Friday, Aug. 15.

The Qualla Boundary Public Library is open on the following hours:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8am – 7pm; Wednesday from 8am – 5pm; and Friday from 7:45 – 4:30pm.

CES also wants to highlight the number of minutes read so email Mrs. Taylor ( a photo of your child reading in their favorite or unique spot.

Barnes and Noble Reading Program:  Read any eight books and record them in the “Imagination’s Destination Journal”.  For each book, write whom you would recommend each book for and why.  Bring the complete journal to Barnes & Noble to choose a free book that is listed on the back of the journal.

– Cherokee Elementary