Cherokee Historical/Culture Meeting update

by Apr 11, 2014NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

A vocal group of enthusiastic supporters for the formation of a group organization to focus attention on the need for a Cherokee Historical, Cultural, Language, and Genealogy group met Thursday evening, March 27 at the Qualla Boundary Public Library at 5pm.  This group discussed the needs for the formation of such a group that would include not only individuals interested in Cherokee historical issues but also the need for Tribal programs and organizations to work together to establish monthly meetings of interested individuals and organizations.

The next meeting, of this as yet unnamed group, will be held at the Qualla Boundary Public Library on Thursday, April 24 at 5pm.  Items for discussion will be organizational by-laws and to gather more input from interested persons on how to proceed in our endeavors.  Mary Wachacha will present a presentation on old postcards and pictures of the Qualla Boundary beginning at Boundary Tree and ending on Soco Mountain.

Everyone with an interest in Cherokee history, culture, language or genealogy is encouraged to attend and bring your ideas to the group.

Info: Mary Wachacha 497-5350 or Robin Swayney, Qualla Boundary Library, 554-6725

– Mary Wachacha