R.C.W. returns to Wolftown Gym

by Apr 3, 2014Happenings0 comments

Reservation Championship Wrestling (R.C.W.) will bring another high-flying, action-packed wrestling show to Wolftown Gym on Saturday, April 12.  R.C.W. is the first Native American-owned and operated wrestling foundation and features local wrestlers as well as wrestlers from other federations.

Owner and promoter Ric Youngblood invites everyone to come to the show.  Local wrestlers Rupert Bird and Shadow Wolfe will get a rematch against Ice Man and Maddog John Owens.  Punishment and Clown Town (Peanut Butter and Jelly) will highlight the show.  High Time and Flying Brian will mix it up with Playboy and B.K. Valoe.  Lucha Libre “Mr. Crazy” and Mickey Gotti will also make an exciting entrance as they take on Drew Game and Dylan Dollar.  Seven foot tall, 380lbs. Max Mayhem will be there as well as many other superstars.

Gates open at 6pm, and the action will start at 8pm.  Tickets are ½ price if you purchase before April 12 at Ric’s Smokeshops 1 and 2.

Regular prices are as follows:

– Ringside: $12 adults, $6 children

– General: $8 adults, $5 children

– R.C.W.