Free English Bulldog puppy ad a SCAM

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On March 27, we posted a classified advertisement for free English Bulldog puppies.  We have since found out that this is a SCAM!  Please do not send any money to this person.  Read below for details on the scam.

The ad read as follows:

Free to good home. 2 AKC Registered English Bulldogs, male and female, current on shots. They play along with children and other animals. Contact Jerry Kent 

A local EBCI tribal member wrote to Kent that afternoon inquiring if the puppies were still available.  They received this reply from him:

Thanks for your interest in my English bulldogs and I am so glad you emailed in Response to the ad. I want you to know that I and my family (my wife And 3 kids are on a missionary trip to West Africa) along with the 2 bulldogs. So later on we notice that the weather here In Africa is very very bad for the puppies to sustain here with us on the missionary trip. before we place the add in state we did not see any respond  from anybody so that is why we are Looking for someone to adopt our babies to the state back.

I am very glad that you are willing to take care of them and provide them a good and wonderful home. And we’re visiting 5 countries. We are giving these puppies out for adoption and we owe you many thanks for caring and asking about them. Right now there are so many factors and the weather is too hot for them and we don’t want them to suffer in anyway.. We have been praying to have someone who can take good care of them and give them all the love in the world. That’s all they want.  We’re due for more travel to some remote part of West Africa and we Cannot risk taking them  along as we know it will have adverse effect on them, health wise. We have sent you pictures of them; please let us know when you receive it.

Can you tell us a little bit more about you?Eve is 16lbs and while the male Adam weigh 18lbs, both are 14 weeks Old they should be to 49 to 53lb range full grown, they are potty Trained and very friendly with children .
They’re lovely puppies will come along with all necessary health Paper work and Vet Record, Birth Certificate, Shot Book, Travel Crate, Toys and Foods. We are going to ship to you via a Big Sky Pet AGENCY Company with  next day delivery, if You are really interested in having my little babies, I want you to Get back to me with the below information of yours.
Your Full Name:
You Mailing Address:
Your Tel #:
Your Cell Phone #:
The Nearest Airport to You:
I’ve attached pics of Eve and Adam.

Provide me with the above details of yours to proceed in the shipment Of the puppies to you, they are priceless to us, therefore we are am Giving both for free, so I will like you to get back to me with your Full name and full address including your nearest airport so that I Can find out shipping cost. Please, note that we shall both split and Pay the shipment fee to get the puppies to you as we  are not sure of The shipment cost and we don’t have enough money here yet as we are on a Missionary trip and we have to limit our spending for now and, not Until we get paid. Thanks again for your love and care for our adorable babies! We will Be looking forward to your response.
Thank you and Remain Blessed


Kent then sent a follow-up email on Tuesday, April 1 which read:

It was really nice to read from you again,
We just need you to please tell us more about your self and family so we can know more about you and the new people taking our little babies. Regarding the shipment and charges, I just called the shipper and I was told that the shipment cost for the 2 babies plus insurance and next day delivery back to you or your Door Step will cost
I will really appreciate it if you could please promise me again that you will not keep them away from each other for
long and as you promise they will be seeing each other every time, please keep to that promise as I don’t want them to be too far from each other. Also let me know if you will be able to send me pictures of them
monthly to me here.
We need to know how much you can come up on your part so the babies can leave today if we can make the payments today. The Shipment includes insurance. I was informed that the babies will be safe, I want you to know that I have
also included their toys and some of their favorite food, and the shipment also includes all the paper work for the babies. I want you to email me back so that I will forward to you the shipping companies information so that you can send the funds to them via western union money transfer we have a deposit of $400 right now and we need you to write back if you can cover the balance which is $400usd  to have the puppies ship out today?

God Bless


Kent also sent a link to a photo of one of the puppies (link below).  The only problem is that the same photo was used in an ad for free English Bulldog puppies in northern California in 2011.

 – One Feather staff report