Extension’s Fruit & Berry Plant Sale

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EBCI Cooperative Extension is taking orders for the annual Fruit & Berry Plant Sale until March 21. The plants will be available on April 15 from 8am 5pm at the EBCI Cooperative Extension Center at 876 Acquoni Road, Cherokee. Receipt of payment places your order so orders cannot be placed over the telephone.

Prices are the same as last year: Asparagus (Jersey Night) $1.00 ea; Blackberries (Triple Crown – trailing, thornless type) $3.00 ea; Black Raspberries (Jewel) $3.00 ea; Red Raspberries (Heritage) $3.00 ea;  Blueberries (hardy, high bush varieties) $5.00 ea; Strawberries are sold in a bundle of 25 plants for $5.00 and $18.00 for 100 plants if all are the same variety (Seascape Strawberry – Ever Bearing, very productive, large fruit, and disease resistant) & (Earliglow Strawberry – June bearing, medium-large fruit, great taste).

Planting and care instructions are available from the Extension office. These are high quality, bare-root plants that will need to be planted after they are picked-up on Tuesday, April 15 from 8am – 5pm. Info: Sarah McClellan-Welch at 554-6935 or saramccl@nc-cherokee.com.