Thank you letter from the family of McKinley “Mac” Swimmer

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The family of McKinley “Mac” Swimmer would like to thank everyone who came by to offer prayers, kind words, singing and food during Mac’s illness and passing.  The family would like to give special thanks to our ministers: Merritt Youngdeer, Percy Cunningham and Willie Jack Doyeto who is from Oklahoma.

The wonderful Singers: Acquoni Choir, lane Smoker and The Longs, Phyllis Shell, Alfred Welch, Macedonia choir, Straight Fork Choir, Locust Family, Yellowhill Choir, Rock Spring Choir, Antioch Singers, Bryson Carpio and Kyle Swimmer from N.M., Regina Swimmer and Taran Swimmer.

Special Groups: Tribal Councils, Police Dept., Long House Funeral Home and The Four Season Hospic Group.  Appreciated all the help with

Food and Donations:  Jerry Wolfe, James and Debbie Tsoodle, M.G. and Sue Bell, Eugene McGillis, Shirley Schmidt, Shelly Valdez family in N.M., Jerry and IIa Coleman, Arlene Squirrel, Beano, Athena, and Valarie Arkansas, Laurel Cooper, Gerri Grady, Mike Rauch, Renia Myers, Flora Bradley, Eddie Hill, Percy and Theresa Cunningham, Foodline, Stoney Groceries, Granny Kitchen, Cherokee Baptist church Amanda Stephan, Robin, Ed and Regina Swimmer. The Men who came around during the summer Virgil and Donnie Swimmer, Big Cove Free Labor, Joe Wolfe, Dannie Sweet and the Church Choirs.

A Day off from work Tribal Workers, some of you probably didn’t even know Mac but thanks Principal Chief Michell Hicks for honoring McKinley “Mac “ Swimmer for being Big cove council Member.  We appreciated Council giving us the Tribal Flag.  May God Bless everyone and keep being a Godly servant.  We apologize if we left your name out.  There were so many, but our family appreciated everything everybody has done.

Wife Juanita Swimmer, sons Stephan and Eddie, grandsons Kyle and Aaron