Thank you letter from the Chiltoskie family

by Nov 14, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

This letter is to all of the friends and family who have showed their love and heartfelt sympathies for the loss of our mother we suffered recently.  We all wish to truly thank each and everyone for their wishes and support.  Bertha had been quite ill for sometime but her spirit remained strong and she never wanted anyone to feel sorry for her.  We would like to take this brief moment to thank everyone from the Cherokee EMT’s, doctors and staff at Cherokee Hospital, and most of all the incredible staff at Mission/St. Joseph’s Hospital.  A special thank you goes to Ray Kinsland for his kind words and prayers he spoke at the memorial service.  Thank you also goes to the Chief, his staff, employees of the tribe, and all the people we have not mentioned by name, who have conveyed their condolences.  There are no words to express to everyone what it means to lose a loved one, but rest assured she is in a better place and she will not soon be forgotten.

The Chiltoskie Family