Cooperative Extension honors participants and volunteers

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The participants in the Cooperative Extension program were recognized for their accomplishments at the Cooperative Extension Community Awards and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner held at the Cherokee Youth Center Boys & Girls Club on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Lou Montelongo and Ayla Cruz receive CYC Awards from Sky Sampson. (JEAN JONES/One Feather)

Lou Montelongo and Ayla Cruz receive CYC Awards from Sky Sampson. (JEAN JONES/One Feather)

EBCI Extension Director Rick DeLoughery began the evening by stating, “I am impressed with the many meaningful local activities that our Community Clubs are conducting. Their scrapbooks are a great record of all this effort.”  On display the community scrapbooks were available for guests to see.

Sky Sampson, Cherokee Youth Council program manager, presented the Youth Council and 4-H awards.  “I’m so proud of our rising young leaders within the community,“ she stated, “and I want to encourage them to keep growing in a positive direction. Congratulations Cherokee Youth Council award recipients on all that you have accomplished in 2013.” She awarded a trophy to each participant.

Extension Agent Sarah McClellan-Welch presented the Youth Garden awards, Garden awards, and Special Recognition awards.  Kituwah was a new category added this year because of the farmers’ interest in the contest.

In her opening statement she announced, “We are celebrating the 2013 garden contests with the greatest number of Cherokee youths ever involved!”

Ninety-one (91) youth gardeners participated in the contest as individuals, families and youth groups. McClellan-Welch applauded community members for teaching and involving so many young people in gardening. Winners received cash awards.  In addition, youths received a teddy bear sporting a t-shirt that read, in syllabary, “This garden looks good!” provided by the Principal Chief’s Cherokee Family Garden Project and a generous donation from 4-Imprint.

Janet Owle, financial skills educator, announced the winners in the Community Development category.

“The awards presented,” DeLoughery further commented, “recognize those who are working hard to improve their lives and their community. The youth, the gardeners, and the community leaders all deserve recognition for this.”

The program concluded with the drawing of door prizes.


Cooperative Extension Awards


Youth Council/4H Awards

Hannah Ledford – Innovation Award/Gadugi Award

Faith Long – Most Enthusiasm

Jacob Long – Most respectful/Group Harmony Award

Gadusi Crowe – Completion of program/ Dedication Award

Simon Montelongo – Strong Character Award

William Paul – Dedication

Josh Taylor – Most Improved/ Community Service Award

Lou Montelongo  – CYC Award/ Spirituality Award

Amy West – Integrity Award/ Educating the Children Award

Eason Esquivel – Social Award/ Sense of Place Award

Kara Welch – Encouragement Award

Sharlotte Queen-Jackson – Most Involved

Emily Welch – Integrity Award

Kyle Chapa – Honoring the Past Award

Keanu Crowe – Found Your Voice Award/ Dedication Award

Chance Bryant – Sense of Humor Award

Seth Ledford – Encouragement Award

Reece Welch – Encouragement Award

Natasha Walk – Encouragement Award

Ayla Cruz – Ga du gi Award/ CYC Award

Advisory Awards: Kevin Jackson, Bo Taylor, Carmalita Monteith, Marvel Welch, Ralph Wright, Heather James.


Youth Garden Awards

5 years old & under                                                                                                                  

1st place Noah Watty (Yellowhill)

2nd Place Isabella Watty (Yellowhill) – cucumber patch

6 & 7’s

1st place Boi Cowe (Big Y)

8 & 9’s

1st Place Jalen Motola (Wolfetown garden)

2nd place Josh Bridges (Tow String)

3rd Place  Zaccheus Watty (Yellowhill)

10 & 11’s

1st place Evan Maney (Snowbird)

12 & 13’s

1st place Hunter Radford (Birdtown)

2nd place Tristan Bottchenbaugh (Big Cove)

14 & 15’s

1st Place Cody Fuller (Birdtown)

2nd Place Jacob Long (Tow String)

16 and older:

1st Place Joi Owle (Birdtown)

2nd place Harleigh Parker (Cherokee County)

Youth Family Gardens members under age 12

1st Place Jace & Lexi Daniels & Lolo & Tyce Hogner

2nd place Hayes & Ietan Reed (Wolfetown)

3rd Place Paytyn & Shalyn Barker (Tow String)

Youth Family Gardens members older than age 12

1st place Madeline & Tsali Welch (Birdtown)

2nd place tie Lidia & Ramiro Ramirez

2nd place tie Haley Cooper, Jonas Trejo, Walker Cooper and Kennedy Cooper

3rd Place Ashleigh Crowe & Bessie Swayney (Big Y)

Youth Groups

1st place Snowbird Youth Center


Garden Awards

Big Cove

1st Place Adult Gardener – Tommy Bradley

2nd place Adult Gardener – Vita Nations

3rd place Adult Gardener – Davey Bradley

1st place Organic Garden – Bernice Bottchenbaugh

1st Place Elder Gardener – Tom Bradley

1st Place Senior Elder Gardener – Sallie Bradley

Big Y

1st Place Adult – Nell Crowe

2nd Place Adult – Peanut Crowe

1st Patio Garden – Jodi Bradley


1st Place Adult – T. Trejo

2nd Place Adult  – Merritt Youngdeer

1st Place Sr. Elder – Larry Haigler

2nd place Sr. Elder – Robert Owle

1st Place Adult Organic Garden – David & Jolene Sneed

Cherokee County

1st Place Adult – Irene Mathis

2nd place Adult – Phil Haigler

1st Place Elder – Holt Palmer

2nd Place Elder – Louise Davenport

1st Place Senior Elder –  Fred Lunsford

1st Family Garden – Gertrude Kilpatrick


1st Adult – Joseph French

1st Sr. Elder  – Charles & Sue Green

1st Family – Kevin Welch


1st Place Adult – Jesse Dover


1st Place Adult – Lillie Bird & Ronnie Whisenant

3200 Acre Tract

1st Place Adult – Eugene Howard

Tow String

1st Place Adult Garden – Dewy Cochran

2nd place Adult Garden – Luke Green

1st place Elder – Ray Lambert

1st Place Family Garden – Robert Matthews


1st Place Adult – Robert Taylor

2nd Place Adult – Jessie Watty

1st place Organic – Johnnie Sue Myers

1st Place Elder – Ella Lossiah


1st Place Adult – Rhonda Pheasant

1st Place Organic Garden  – Harold Long

1st Place Sr. Elder – Ida Lee Arneach

2nd Place Sr. Elder – Bill Kanott

Special Recognition to Kevin Welch, Jo Blalock, Janna Hyatt & the Harrah’s Heroes for their Community Garden for Manna Food Bank

Special Recognition to Rachel Sneed & Albert Cruz for starting a Community Garden at Soco Creek Village Apartments


Community Development Awards

First Place – Big Cove

Second Place – Towstring

Third Place – Big Y

Fourth Place – Snowbird

Fifth Place – Wolfetown

Sixth Place – Yellowhill

Seventh Place – Birdtown