Thank you letter from Joe Owl family

by Jul 15, 2013OPINIONS0 comments

The Joe Owl family would like to send out a very belated thank you to all involved throughout Dad’s time of illness.  Thank you Dr. Winchester and Dr. Fischer, Med West Hospice, Nurse Martha, and other nurse aides, Tsali Manor, Cherokee Home Health, Tribal EMS, Cherokee Hospital, and the local Cancer Society.  Thank you to his brothers, Uncle Irv, and Charlie and sisters.  Thank you to Aunt Sis and Betty Jane for just being there for him. To all the grandchildren that took time to care for him when needed, thank you.   Thank you, Joe Wolfe, for stopping by to share the word of God with him.  Thank you to the Cherokee Boys Club & Crisp Funeral Home for your services. Thank you to the Cherokee United Methodist Church, Rev. John K. Ferree and Pat Kalonaheskie, the singers from Rock Springs, Yellowhill and Old Antioch, the grave diggers, Clarence Murphy, Tribal Construction, and Birdtown Free Labor. Thank you to all who brought or sent food & beautiful flowers.  Thank you to our Mother Martha for the dinner she prepared and the American Legion for the beautiful military service.  If we forgot anyone, it wasn’t intentional. God bless you all.


Joey, Ronda, Denise, Mark