With much gratitude and appreciation

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The Family of Anita Driver Ellwood wants to express their appreciation to everyone who was there in the time of the loss of a mother, grandmother, aunt and sister.  We want to thank Pastor Bo Parris, Pastor Ed Kilgore, Cherokee Hospital Staff, Memorial Mission Staff, Dialysis Staff, and the EMS services.

We also would like to thank Tribal DOT, Big cove Free Labor, Longhouse Funeral Home, People who sent flowers, the Pallbearers, Big Cove Rec. Center, the boys who cut the grass; Jamie, Delbert, Rod, Deino, Greg and Stu, Those who cooked and brought food; Nora, Alma, Cindy, Alice, Dee Dee, Loretta, Jennifer, Gail, Rose, Mattie, Christine, Peaches, Lee Ann, Jerry Kinsland, Karen French, Carol and Sarg Long, Big Cove Church, Acquoni Church, the Agelink Staff, those gave donations Myrtle Driver, Agnes Wolfe, Martha Crowe, Mary Ann Thompson, Mary Jane Smith, Jessie & Buford Smith, Greg Panther, Sharon Panther, Pat Hornbuckle, Brenda Sequoyah, the Nazarene Church, and River Valley Grocery.

The singers who came to sing we also appreciate you; Acquoni Baptist Church, Antioch Youth Choir, Antioch Singers, Big Cove Baptist Church Ladies, Bethabera Baptist Church, Lane Smoker, Rocksprings Baptist Church, Yellowhill Baptist Church, Straight Fork Baptist Church, The Locust Family, and Phyllis Shell.  The cleanup crew worked hard cleaning up after the dinner was Myrtle Driver, Agnes Wolfe, Tony Johnson, Michael Raya, and Kerry Wolfe.  If we left anyone out please forgive us, we tried to mention everyone who brought or did something for the family.

Family of Anita Driver Ellwood