Tribal Council Agenda – Tuesday, July 2

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9:00 a.m.         Tonya Jenks-Request for Time-Cherokee Youth Garden, Cherokee Choices

9:10 a.m.         Denise Ballard – Request for Time – Certification of Primary Election Results


9:20 a.m.         Perry Shell-Request for Time-EBCI Retirement Recognition


9:30 am.          Budget Amendments:

* Travel & Tourism FY2013 (Item No.1) Business Development FY 2013 (Item No. 2)

* KPEP FY2013 (Item No. 3)

* Cherokee Choices FY 2013(Item No.4) Women’s Wellness Center FY 2013 (Item No.5) QuallaHousing FY 2013 (Item No.6)

* EPA-Resource Management FY 2013 (Item No. 7) Fisheries & Wildlife Management FY 2013 (Item No.8) Water Treatment Facility FY 2013 (Item No. 9)


9:40 a.m.         Donation Requests (Item No. 10)

* Robbinsville High School Men’s Basketball Team- $500

* Cherokee High School Varsity Cheerleaders – $500

* EBCI 11-12 Year NAYO Baseball Team- $500

* Cherokee Bombers 7-8 Year Baseball Team- $500.


9:50 a.m.          Tabled Res. No. 587 Jeremiah Littlejohn, Jr. request right-of-way be granted without all signatures (Item No. 11)


10:00 a.m.       Amendment to Res. No. 394 (2012) Life Estate for Harold Kindle, Surviving Spouse (Item No. 12)


10:10 a.m.       Recognition and confirmation ofNell Will Rattler’s Last Will and Testament (Item No. 13)


10:20 a.m.       John Timothy Coffey requests approval of Transfers of Property without all signatures of Clyde Coffey heirs (Item No. 14)


10:30 a.m.      John Timothy Coffey desires approval of Agreement to Division without all signatures of Clyde Coffey heirs (Item No. 15)


10:40 a.m.      Michelle Hollifield-Orr, Mary Hollifield-Clements, Jonathan Hollifield, and Marcia Hollifield request road and utilities right-of-way without Allen Paul Rose’s signature (Item No.16)


10:50 a.m.       Robin Hugh Lambert requests to purchase one acre ofland on 3200 Acre Tract (Item No. 17)


11:00 a.m.       Finance Department requests a limited waiver of sovereign immunity for office equipment leases (Item No. 18)


11:10 a.m.             Office of Attorney General requests approval of Agreement for Title Services, containing a limited waiver of sovereign immunity that is limited to allow suit to enforce lease terms (Item No. 19)


11:20 a.m.       Adoption of the EBCI Integrated Resource Management Plan (Item No. 20)


11:30 a.m.       Authorization to purchase property for Painttown Community Center (Item No.21)


11:40 p.m.       Tabled Ord. No. 577- Attractions Definition (Item No. 22)


11:50 p.m.       Amendment to Ordinance No. 410 -Legislative Counsel (Item No.23)

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