CHS athletes honored at banquet

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Avery Mintz (right), shown at the 1A West Regional track meet, was named the Bertha Saunooke Memorial Female Athlete of the Year at Cherokee High School’s annual athletic banquet on Friday, May 17.  (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

Avery Mintz (right), shown at the 1A West Regional track meet, was named the Bertha Saunooke Memorial Female Athlete of the Year at Cherokee High School’s annual athletic banquet on Friday, May 17. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)


Cherokee High School had their annual Athletic Banquet, on Friday, May 17 in the Chief Joyce Dugan Cultural Arts Center.


“Cherokee High School would like to thank Gloria Griffin for her attendance and a special thank you to all the trophy sponsors and Ronnie Long at CBC Printing,” CHS athletics officials related.  “You truly made our night a success.”


Awards were given to the following athletes:


JV Volleyball                                                

Offensive MVP-Kaycee Lossiah

Defensive MVP-Dre Crowe

Coach’s Award-Bree Stamper


Varsity Volleyball

Offensive MVP-Avery Mintz

Defensive MVP-Callie Phillips

Coach’s Award-Taran Swimmer


Charlie Stamper Memorial Academic Female

Ashley Bottchenbaugh


Charlie Stamper Memorial Academic Male

Frisco Javier


Varsity Cheerleading                                               

MVP-Ashley Bottcheenbaugh

Coach’s Award-Alexis Maney


Most Determined Athlete Female-Barbara Sequoyah Memorial

Sabrina Wooten


Most Determined Athlete-Male-Ray Owle Memorial

Jesse Toineeta


Men’s Soccer

Offensive MVP-Raven Frankiewicz

Defensive MVP-EJ Carroll

Coach’s Award-Darius Thompson


Varsity Cross Country                                              

Womens MVP-Kendall Toineeta

Coach’s Award-Jordyn Thompson

Mens MVP-Gerald Mahan

Coach’s Award-Brock Powell


Track & Field

Womens MVP-Kendall Toineeta

Womens MVP-Stevi Sutton

Mens MVP-Gerald Mahan

Mens MVP-Justice Littlejohn

Coach’s Award-Jeremy Saunooke

Coach’s Award-Avery Mintz


Vernon Hornbuckle Memorial-Christian Athlete

Female-Sabrina Wooten, Jordyn Thompson, Elle Bradley, Taran Swimmer

Male-Frisco Javier

JV Football                                                                 

Offensive MVP-Luke Woodard

Defensive MVP-Logan Teesateskie

Coach’s Award-Michael George


Varsity Football

Offensive MVP-Seth Littlejohn

Defensive MVP-Logan Woodard

Coach’s Award-Justice Littlejohn

Rookie of the Year-Kennan Panther

Defensive Lineman-Joe Lomas

Offensive Lineman-Bret Gunter

Most Improved-Jaron Bradley

All Conference-Seth Littlejohn, Logan Woodard

Honorable Mention-Justice Littlejohn, Brent Gunter, Kennan Panther


Noah Powell Memorial-Leadership Award

Female-Deija Burgess

Male-Justice Littlejohn


JV Girls Basketball                                                  

Offensive MVP-Tyra Standingdeer

Defensive MVP-Brandee McMillan

Coach’s Award-Perri Wildcatt


Varsity Girls Basketball

Offensive MVP-Avery Mintz

Defensive MVP-Kendall Toineeta

Coach’s Award-Alexis Maney

All Conference-Kendall Toineeta, Avery Mintz, Alexis Maney


JV Boys Basketball                                                  

Offensive MVP-Brock Powell

Defensive MVP-Logan Teesateskie

Coach’s Award-Steven Straughan

Varsity Boys Basketball

Offensive MVP-Seth Littlejohn

Defensive MVP-Jesse Toineeta

Coach’s Awards-Dustin Johnson

Brave Award-Darius Thompson

Rookie of the Year-Kennan Panther

Most Improved-Eli Littlejohn

All Conference-Seth Littlejohn, Dustin Johnson

Honorable Mention-Eli Littlejohn, Jesse Toineeta


Varsity Wrestling                             

MVP-Tavi Rivera

MVP-Levi Swearingen

Coach’s Award-Jaron Bradley


Ray Kinsland Honorarium-Best Sportsmanship

Female-Taran Swimmer

Male-Tavi Rivera


Ladies Soccer

Offensive MVP-Taran Swimmer

Defensive MVP-Elle Bradley

Coach’s Award-Deija Burgess


Men’s Golf                                                                            

MVP-Tagan Crowe

Coach’s Award-Christian Ensley


Ladies Golf

MVP-Gabby Thompson

Coach’s Award-Destinie Owle, Elle Bradley


Chief John A. Crowe Memorial-Most Dedicated Athlete

Female-Kendall Toineeta

Male-Gabe Crowe


JV Softball                                                                            

Offensive MVP-Tierra Martinez

Defensive MVP-Tysha Sampson

Coach’s Award-Tyra Standingdeer


Varsity Softball

Offensive MVP-Kristen Kirkland

Defensive MVP-Dre Crowe

Coach’s Award-Bree Smith


Varsity Baseball

Offensive MVP-Stephan Swan

Defensive MVP-Chris Queen

Coach’s Award-Logan Woodard

Overall MVP-Corbin Wright


Peaches Squirrel Honorarium

Miss Brave- Alexis Maney

Mr. Brave-Logan Woodard


Bertha Saunooke Memorial-Female Athlete of the Year-Avery Mintz


James Hogeye Taylor Memorial-Male Athlete of the Year-Seth Littlejohn

SMC Player of the Year-Avery Mintz


SMC Coach of the Year-Chris Mintz