Tribal Council Results – May 2

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Res. No. 542 – Authorize Safe Babies Program to submit an application package to Administration for Children Youth and Families: Comprehensive Support Services for Families Affected by Substance Abuse and/or HIV in the amount of $475,000 for FY13, FY14 and FY15 – Passed


Res. No. 543 – Request possessory interest Parcel No. 401 in the Big Cove Community presently in the name of Tara Pheasant McCoy be transferred to Myna D. Climingbear for failure to pay back loan – Passed


Res. No. 544 – Authorize the Office of Budget & Finance to make available $10 million from Endowment Fund No. 2 for use by TCGE to begin execution of the Cherokee County Gaming Facility and Hotel Project – Passed


Res. No. 545 – Approval of and authorization for the University of Tennessee Chattanooga School ROTC motto honoring the Cherokee culture – Passed


Res. No. 546 – Grant permission for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to carry out research project as described in the IRB proposal – Passed


Res. No. 547 – Request to amend Chapter 2 of the Cherokee Code of Ordinances to add Section 2-10 to be entitled “Restoration of Rights” in regards to those excluded from the Qualla Boundary – Amended/Tabled


Res. No. 548 – Confirmation of and approval of the new Wildland Fire Prevention Plans operation period from 2013 to set a new expiration date of Dec. 31, 2023 – Passed


Res. No. 549 – Successors in interest of Curtis Jentley Cooper Jr. (d) – Passed


Res. No. 550 – Robin Hugh Lambert request to purchase one acre of land on 3200 Acre Tract – Tabled


Res. No. 452 – Tabled Res. No. 452, Purchase of Property from Darlene Whitetree – Withdrawn


Res. No. 477 – Jonah Wolfe request to trade property with the Tribe – Tabled


Ord. No. 480 – Criminal Discovery – Passed


Res. No. 517 – Request that Tribal Council hire a court recorder on a contract basis to record verbatim Budget and Council sessions – Amended/Passed


Res. No. 526 – Tabled Res. No. 526, Cody Driver request to purchase four acres of land on Boundary Tree Tract – Tabled


Res. No. 551 – Authorization given to complete the construction of the Justice Center at a price not to exceed $26 million – Amended/Passed


No # given – Request to rescind Res. No. 492, Cherokee County Casino protest filed by Mary E. Crowe – Denied


No # given – Protest on Res. No. 469, Caged Animals protest filed by Peggy Hill and Amy Walker – Denied


No # given – Protest on Ord. No. 153, Tribal Business Preference Law protest filed by Janet Arch – Protest Approved

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