One Feather seeking candidate platforms

by Mar 27, 2013Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

The Cherokee One Feather is committed to giving each candidate for tribal office equal space and mention in the paper.  In the spirit of equality, the One Feather is offering each candidate a chance to express his or her platform. 

The platforms will be printed in the Thursday, May 23 issue of the paper.  Each candidate will be given 400 words.  There will be no exceptions for those who go over the 400 word limit.  The 400 words will be according to a count from start to finish based on the Microsoft Word program.  If a candidate goes over 400 words in their submission, only the first 400 words will be printed.  Please keep your submission to your platform and do not mention other candidates by name.  This is your platform, not a debate.

Platforms are due by Friday, May 17 at 12noon.  No exceptions!  You may email your platforms to or bring them by the One Feather office located in the Ginger Lynn Welch Complex.

Each candidate will also be allowed space for a photo.  You may submit a high resolution photo of yourself, or come by the One Feather office and have one taken by our staff.

There is no charge whatsoever associated with the printing of these platforms.  The One Feather is doing this as a service to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians voting community.