Sealant Fiesta coming to Cherokee Elementary

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The “Sealant Fiesta” is coming to Cherokee Elementary School. During the week of March 18, third and fifth grade students at Cherokee Elementary school will have the opportunity to participate in the “Sealant Fiesta.”  Dental sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth to help protect them from cavities.  The process is quite simple and does not require drilling or shots.

The EBCI Health & Medical Division’s Children’s Dental Program is coordinating this event.  According to Mellie Burns, Program Manager, this project is the result of many months of planning and collaboration with several agencies.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to provide such a valuable service on-site at the elementary school,” said Burns.  “This year we are quite fortunate to have support from the North Carolina Division of Oral Health.  They have graciously agreed to supply portable dental equipment, as well as send their staff technician to set-up the equipment.  We also have six dental hygiene students coming from the University of New Haven to provide staffing for the project. Additionally, dental staff members from CIHA will participate.  Working together we should be able to provide high quality dental services for students with minimal interruption to their school day.”

Beginning on Friday, March 15, the “Green Room” at Cherokee Elementary School will be transformed into a dental clinic with a “twist.”  The room will be decorated with a “South of the Border” theme.

Burns stated, “The decorations were chosen to make the room inviting and entertaining for the students.  Each time services are provided for students the goal is to make it as fun as possible.  I want the students to think of going to the dentist as a positive experience. Hopefully, this will make their visits to the dental clinic less intimidating.”

“I would like to thank the staff at Cherokee Elementary School for always being so supportive of the Children’s Dental Program and the Organizational Team from Health & Medical for their enthusiastic support of our efforts.”

Upcoming editions of the One Feather will feature pictures of the “Sealant Fiesta.”

– EBCI Health & Medical