Tribal Council Results – Thursday, Feb. 14

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Tabled Ord. No. 153 – Tribal Business Preference Law – Tabled for work session


Tabled Ord. No. 309 – Kituwah Holdings Enterprise – Tabled for work session


Tabled Ord. No. 407 – Land Surveys – Amended/Passed


Tabled Ord. No. 408 – Business Committee – Tabled for work session


Tabled Ord. No. 409 – Tribal Council voting procedures – Amended/Passed


Tabled Ord. No. 410 – Establishment of the Office of Legislative Counsel for Tribal Council – Tabled for work session


Tabled Res. No. 414 – Transfer to Ruby Lee Reagan Toineeta heirs be approved without signature of Samuel Emmett Walkingstick, Joel Danny Walkingstick and Omer Albert Buchanan Jr. – Amended/Passed


Tabled Res. No. 456 – Tribe to purchase Old Riverview Campground for $958,725 and $25,000 authorized for demolition, clearing and clean-up – Passed


Res. No. 469 – Owners of caged animals being held for public exhibit be required to remove animals from captivity and business license be revoked – Tabled for work session


Res. No. 470 – Recognize successors in interest to Ernest Bud Sneed Jr. possessory holdings in the Wolfetown Community – Passed


Res. No. 471 – Recognize successors in interest to Susan Irene Waidsutte Welch possessory holdings in the 3200 Acre Tract Community – Passed


Res. No. 472 – Barbara Roland Shook, first generation descendant, to transfer her interest in Birdtown Community to James A. Rowland – Passed


No # given – Recognize successors in interest to Curtis Jentley Cooper possessory holdings in the Birdtown Community – Withdrawn


Res. No. 473 – Recognize successors in interest to Lorraine Rattler Teesateskie possessory holdings in the Snowbird Community – Passed


Res. No. 474 – Confirm Ruth Helen Ledford Long’s last will and testament – Passed


Res. No. 475 – Transfer to the Mary Lossiah Shell heirs for her undivided interest approved without signature of Marella Louella Shell and Keith Salolaneeta Shell – Passed


No # given – Right-of-way granted to William Howard George Jr. to access his property in Big Cove without signatures of Lavinia West Hicks, Villareal Nika West, Shirley Jean West Welch, Oneva West Garcia, Nathan Faymer West, Villareal Abel West, Alexander Tommy West and Vivian West Solis – Withdrawn


Res. No. 476 – Confirm the last will and testament of James Irvin Welch – Passed


No # given – Tribe authorized to negotiate lease with Collette and Barry Coggins for development of a wildlife sanctuary and animal rehabilitation center – Held


Res. No. 477 – Jonah Wolfe request to trade property with Tribe – Tabled for work session


No # given – Approval of Smoky Mountain Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan – Held


Res. No. 478 – Re-appointment of William Boyum as Chief Justice, re-appointment of Brenda Toineeta-Pipestem as Associate Justice, appointment of Danny Davis as Associate Trial Judge and re-appointment of Steven Philo as Trial Judge – Amended/Passed


Ord. No. 479 – Amendments to Cherokee Code Section 16C-5 Distribution to members – Tabled


Ord. No. 480 – Criminal Discovery Ordinance – Tabled


Res. No. 481 – Bridge located at intersection of Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Qualla Arts & Crafts and Cherokee Historical building be named in honor of Charles George – Passed


Res. No. 482 – Budget amendment for CIP – Passed

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