Cherokee Central Schools’ Testing Program Update

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New EOG/EOC Assessments

The new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics and English Language Arts and the North Carolina Essential Standards (ES) for Science are being taught for the first time this year in Cherokee Central Schools’ classrooms and across the state.  Because of the new curricula, new tests were developed.  New End-of-Course (EOC) Algebra I, English II, and Biology summative assessments aligned to these standards were administered the first time in December 2012.  New End-of-Grade (EOG) Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Science summative assessments aligned to these standards will be administered for the first time in spring 2013.

The first priority when implementing new assessments is to ensure the results of the test scores are valid and reliable.  When new assessments are administered for the first time, student scores are delayed while the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) processes the test data and completes all of the necessary analyses.  These processes and analyses will take place during summer 2013.  Due to the necessity of this critical process, in 2012-2013 students will not receive their test scores at the completion of the test administration.  Instead the scores for these assessments will be delayed until October 2013.  Once the State Board of Education has approved the scores (achievement levels) in October 2013, CCS will provide parents with each student’s Individual Student Report.  Because test scores will be delayed, no retesting will occur at the schools.

New Common Assessments and Teacher Effectiveness

One of the six standards for teacher evaluation is student academic growth.  Teachers in all grades and subject areas will be evaluated on student academic growth.  New assessments for these areas are being developed by NCDPI.  Some of these measures of student learning (e.g. Geometry, middle school social studies) will be administered this spring, mostly in the high school and middle school.  Assessments for other subjects and grades will be available next school year.

ClassScape Formative and Benchmark assessments

CCS administers benchmark assessments periodically using the ClassScape online assessment system.  Students in grades 3 – 8 complete a benchmark assessment for math, English Language Arts, and  science (grades 5 and 8 only) each quarter, while students in high school Algebra I, English II, and Biology complete two benchmark assessments during the course.

In addition, teachers utilize the ClassScape program for formative assessment.  By administering short quizzes weekly or bi-weekly, teachers can more quickly pinpointed specific learning needs of students.  Once these needs are identified, teachers can focus their instruction more precisely to provide support to their students.

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