KPEP “Lunch and Learn” series

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  The Kituwah Preservation and Education Program is presenting a free lunchtime information series by T.J. Holland of the Junaluska Museum.  Topics include:

  • Feb. 13 – Cosmographical sites around Cherokee: Stories were located around Cherokee.  Subjects include Uktena, Nunnehi and the underwater animals
  • Feb. 20 – Cosmographical sites in Western North Carolina: Stories and their locations in the surrounding areas; subjects include Judaculla, Spearfinger, and the giant animals
  • Feb. 27 – Traditional Arts and their Designs: A survey of traditional designs and their meanings.  This program looks at designs from across the southeast and connects them to the Cherokee tradition.
  • March 6 – History: Treaty of 1819.  This program looks at the most important treaty to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians and the circumstances that lead to the treaty and the formation of the Qualla Boundary.
  • March 13 – History: The Trail of Tears/Removal in western North Carolina: This program covers the fort locations and the Army movements in the five western counties of North Carolina.
  • March 20 – History: The Trail of Tears – The Resistance: This program covers how around 1,000 Cherokees in North Carolina avoided the removal and remained in their homeland.

More dates will be added later.  Bring your own lunch.  The program will be held from 12-12:30pm in the Community Room at the New Kituwah Academy.  Info:  B.J. Rich 554-6406 or