Cherokee Life Center – Wellness and Fitness Program Update

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The Cherokee Life Center (CLC) is the wellness and fitness hub of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  Their mission: A commitment to offer the Cherokee Indian Reservation and surrounding communities assistance in lifelong healthy living through diverse water and land exercise classes, a clean facility offering cardio and weight room equipment in a safe environment.

Austin Sampson (left), Cherokee Life Center fitness assistant, spots Dion Toineeta on a lift in the weightlifting room at the Cherokee Life Center on Monday, Feb. 4.  (JEAN JONES/One Feather)

Austin Sampson (left), Cherokee Life Center fitness assistant, spots Dion Toineeta on a lift in the weightlifting room at the Cherokee Life Center on Monday, Feb. 4. (JEAN JONES/One Feather)

The CLC provides continuous care and ongoing service in a group capacity to tribal and medical programs. It also offers various fitness classes on a weekly basis for individuals at any fitness level. The activities are taught by certified personal trainers, certified lifeguards, and certified class instructors.

Membership to the CLC is free of charge to enrollment members of the EBCI for all programs and classes. To enroll, the tribal member will need to present his/her enrollment card.  Non-enrolled individuals who are interested in the CLC are encouraged to call the center for fee information or drop by the center for an application.

“Wellness and fitness are all around us.  Whether it’s housekeeping, playing with your child or working out in a gym,” commented Lynn Taylor, CLC supervisor.  “Only you can decide how you take care of yourself now and your health status later in life; once we stop moving, our wellbeing is at risk for the onset of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, limited mobility and arthritis which will affect how we look and feel as we age.  So, get moving. Teach your child the importance of physical activity and set the example…try any of our classes, equipment or use our indoor track to walk, jog or run.  If you don’t move it, you will lose it,” she further stated.

The center partners with two tribal health-related programs. The Cardiac Rehabilitation at the Cherokee Indian Hospital for cardiac patients.  It is designed for individuals who have had a cardiac episode or for those at high risk for cardiac conditions. The Chair Aerobics Outreach which is provided to Tsali Manor twice a week as well as once a month for Tsali Care Center and the Alzheimer’s Unit.

The CLC provides the National Standards for Physical Education class for Kituwah Academy kindergarten-third grade students.  Each class is designed to train the children to warm up to some type of physical activity. It ends with a physical educational game, geared to teach the children about rules, discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, and skills. The Outreach Program for Kituwah 3-4 year olds is provided once a week, demonstrating basic exercise movements.

Three levels of water fitness classes are offered.  Water therapy is a low intensity but highly effective exercise class in the pool. It is ideal for individuals with hip, knee, or lower back injuries as well as individuals with arthritis.  The second level is water aerobics.  This non-impact cardio and toning workout in the pool is ideal for individuals with joint problems.  Thirdly, the senior water aerobics is a lower intensity water fitness class that will improve muscle tone, flexibility and help maintain mobility.  It is designed for senior adults but is open to any age.

Fitness Individual Training Kids (F.I.T. Kids) is a class exclusively for kids from ages 5 through 12.  It is designed for kids who want or need to lose weight toward a healthy weight.  The child is required to have a medical clearance and a medical referral from their provider before starting the class.

Indoor cycling is an intense cardiovascular workout utilizing the stationary indoor cycling bikes.  Cycling builds lower body strength and endurance along with cardiovascular endurance.

Tai Chi is a slow motion and low impact exercise that promotes health, mind, body, and mental relaxation with a series of postures and movements that strengthens the body and improves physical/balance function.

Circuit Circuit is a high intensity but low impact class that utilizes the Reebok Step for a cardiovascular workout, using dumbbells, body bars or resistance bands for strength training. Class participation will burn fat, tone muscles, and improve coordination and flexibility.

The latest upcoming class will be a zumba dance class.

The center offers different ways to exercise such walking lanes, a gymnasium, handball court, swimming pool, weight room, cycling room, aerobic room, and cardio room.

For more information on the CLC programs and classes, contact Lynn Taylor at 554-6496 or Stephanie Maney at 554-6497.